I'm Irina Pchelintceva - a certified Health Coach and Nutrition Specialist,  Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduate 
I help clients with chronic and mystery diseases to change their eating habits, food mindset, and lifestyle to support their health goals and move forward in their healing journey. Thus, they feel strong, full of energy, satisfied with their body and mood. 


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if you are here it means that you are moving forward. 

I know you are doing your best on the way to getting your body healthy and fit, and I’m proud of you!
Probably, you have landed on my page because you still don’t know what to eat to support your healing process: what food makes you sick, what put additional inches to your waist, what products does your body need to speed up the healing process, to feel energized in the morning, to get rid of cravings, or to stop this annoying headache that you experience quite often.
Food is medicine, and I'm here to navigate you in this realm.
I will help you to overcome the obstacles on the way. You will change your health and body on 360°. Annoying food-related thoughts will go away, and you will enjoy your vibrant, harmonic, and healthful body.




Consultation with me

Learn how you can move forward and what are the obstacles on your way

Before we dive in I'll ask you to fill the short questionnaire that will help me to understand what might be useful for you, what prevents you from moving forward  to your health goals. First 20 minutes consultation is free.


Individual program to change your eting habits

I customize the program for your specific goals and lead you to achieve them

Together it will be easier! Six months of individual support: you set the goals, I guide you to accomplish them. As a result, chronic symptoms bother you much less than it was before. You get your energy back, feel strong, look vibrant. You feel proud of your body and skin looks, and you know exactly what to eat to feel the best when sharing your knowledge with your loved ones. You enjoy your new eating habits!


Detox program

Heal your body for 9 day

Do you want to change your eating habits? Stop obsessive coffee drinking? Lowering your alcohol consumption? Or nail down sugar cravings? Increase your energy level and get your skin glowing? Only nine days – you are going to get it all! On top of that, you’ll learn how to cook simple delicious, but healthy recipes that will stay in your diet and help you to keep fit and healthy.
Every three months I organize detox group programs with my support and guidance inside a private Facebook group or Telegram chat. More than 100 people from different countries participated in my programs and outstanding results.  


Your diet review

Clean up your food life

We are bombarded with dietary theories. They are coming up every year and contradict one another. I guess you have already tried to follow some of them but haven’t understood what to eat and what food is the best to heal your body. You probably still can’t figure out what snack is good to keep you going without harming your health or body shape. Still don’t know what to stack before bed if hungry? Or maybe you try to determine what exactly in your diet leads you to health trouble? I was there, and it was so annoying. 
I will help you build a clear picture of your nutrition- make a diet review and give recommendations to make tangible steps to improve the way you eat.


I didn't care about my weight before 27 y.o.
I like eating well and my physical activity have compensated it while I was young. But sedentary work and less sport have done their job and once I have found 101 kg on my scales. So I have started my weight loss fight. Unfortunately my first step was effective but wrong. I have used the Dukan's keto diet. The result was 17 kilos in half a year but I had refused 80% of food products. It was nice before I didn't realize that I have problems with pancreas. Moreover it's impossible to follow such food habits in a long term. I have started eating more and more and my weight reached 90 kilos. So I have realized that I need another method and started the new course with Irina.
As the start point we have made a plan for changing of food habits and lifestyle. It was unexpected that it's not necessary to refuse tasty food, you can find substitutes, but the main point is to form long term food habits, which can stay with me for my whole life. And we have done it, thanks to Irina. I had also started with CrossFit, which is also very effective. The result was weight loss to 81-82 kilos in a comfortable way. And I have finally liked my mirror reflection. And even when the course was finished, my food and sport habits are still with me. Now I am 79 kg and don't feel any food restrictions, I am in my comfort zone. Irina is not only the best example by herself, but she can change your life!

Andrey Ikonnik



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